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The Story of Little Raven Vineyards (3,4,7)

People ask us, “Why Vineyards?” They understand that our name ‘Little Raven’ is because we’re located on Little Raven Street, which is named after the unsung Arapaho Chief. But ‘Vineyards?’ We’re not actually a Vineyard, we’re a retail wine store selling wine in Denver, Colorado. However, we have explored the smaller vineyards throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, and Africa in order to discover extraordinary, small-production wines not usually found anywhere else. Sure, we have some of the more familiar labels in our shop, but we prefer some of the more artisan wines, as do most of our customers. So you see, since we are supplied by many vineyards, it seemed, well, sort of poetic to us that we highlight that rare fact through our name, Little Raven Vineyards.

Some also ask about our logo mark, which is a single black Raven feather. This, too, comes from Little Raven, the Arapaho noble. Unlike other chiefs of his day who wore hundreds of feathers in their headdresses, Little Raven wore only a single black Raven feather for ceremonial occasions. His tribe loved him even more for his simple, honest and down-to-earth attitudes.

The Order of the Black Feather

(LRV's really cool version of a frequent buyer program)

Just click on Wine Adventures, then Order of the Black Feather, to find out how you can save money every time you make a purchase at LRV.

In-Store Wine Tasting Schedule:

Wednesday, 12/4/13 (4-7P):

Fish House

Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

Walla Walla, Washington - $12



Saptburgunder, 2010

Winkel, Germany - $12

Saturday, 12/7/13 (2-7P):

Les Boursicottes

Sancerre, 2012

Sancerre, France - $25


El Pedrosal

Crianza, 2010
Burgos, Spain - $22

Wednesday,12/11/13 (4-7P):

Allan Scott

Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

Blienham, New Zealand - $17



Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010

Agrelo, Argentina - $18

Saturday, 12/14/13 (2-7P):


Pinot Gris, 2010

Blenhiem, New Zealand


Alder Ridge

Cabernet Sauvignon

Horse Heaven Hills

Prosser, Washington - $26

Win a Free Bottle of Wine!

We have hidden new clues throughout our website that will provide you with the name of a type of grape. You may notice some numbers that appear out of context. If you can decipher this number code, you will discover the name of this grape. ALL the information you need to solve this puzzle is contained on this site.

The first five customers to come by the store and correctly identify the hidden grape will win a free bottle of wine. As of Sunday, December 2, four people have correctly identified the hidden grape. So we still have one potential winner out there and three bottles of wine to give away. If you are not one of the first 5, you can still mention your discovery to us in person and you will receive 20% off two bottles of wine or any two items purchased! Good Luck!