Our Philosophy

Many businesses talk about customer service, but few deliver. At Little Raven Vineyards, our philosophy revolves around one word and one word only. Personal. We compile personal profiles on our regular customers so that we know precisely the types, tastes and textures of wine they prefer. We also provide extra personal services, much like a concierge.

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Certainly we’re in the business of selling wine, but more than that, we’re in the business of appreciating wine, and that means increasing our customers’ appreciation.

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Uncover the Hidden Wine

Throughout this website, we have hidden clues that provide you with the name of a type of grape. You may notice some numbers that appear out of context. If you can decipher this number code, you will find the wine. This one is more difficult that the last, but ALL the information you need to solve this mystery is contained on this site!

The first five customers to come by the store and correctly identify the hidden grape will win a free bottle of wine selected just for them. And as of Sunday, May 6, only two people have deciphered the puzzle. So there still could be a free bottle of wine in your future! If you are not one of the first 5, you can still mention your discovery to us in person and you will receive 20% off two bottles of wine or any two items purchased! Good Luck!