Little Raven was an Arapaho chief...
... and one of the most farsighted Native Americans. Our street was named after him. It seemed only right to name our wine shop after him, as well. When the ‘palefaces’ came, Little Raven welcomed them. He invited them into his camp and fed them delicate native foods. He showed them what plants were edible and how to find game. He visited the palefaces in their strange square homes. He was very interested in other cultures and was eager to share his own.

He was always a man of peace...
... much more interested in learning than in fighting. Because he became friendly with the European settlers, he was warned about Sand Creek. When the massacre happened and many of the Arapaho were killed, Little Raven and his tribe were miles away and safe. President Ulysses S. Grant heard about Little Raven and invited him to the White House where they signed a peace treaty. President Grant presented Little Raven with a fabulous golden peace pipe, today worth millions. Before Little Raven re-located his tribe to the reservation in Oklahoma, legend has it he hid the golden peace pipe somewhere in the area where his tribe had lived, right here in Colorado. Some believe that peace pipe is buried directly underneath Little Raven Vineyards.

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